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Uncertainty Surrounds New Texas Insurance Law: Divergent Views Emerge on the Impact of the Texas “Hail Storm Bill” on Hurricane Harvey Claims

As we reported here in May, the Texas Legislature recently passed legislation (House Bill 1774, a copy of which can be found here) which amends Chapter 542 of the Texas Insurance Code—Texas’s general prompt pay statute for insurance claims.

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New York Assembly Passes Bill Prohibiting “Anti-Concurrent Causation” Clauses

The New York State Assembly recently passed a number of bills seeking to amend the state’s insurance laws. Most significantly, Assembly Bill 7455A seeks to amend New York insurance law by prohibiting insurers from using “anti-concurrent causation” clauses in homeowner and commercial insurance policies to preclude coverage for flood claims. 

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Lessons Learned from Sandy: National Hurricane Center Report Highlights Issue of Whether “Hurricane” Warnings and Definitions Should Be Modified

In a report issued last week analyzing Superstorm Sandy, the National Hurricane Center (NHC) reviewed why Sandy was downgraded from hurricane status to a post-tropical cyclone before it made landfall in New York, New Jersey and elsewhere in the northeast, and made recommendations for changes in definitions and procedures going forward. 

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