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Connecticut AG Files Complaint against Guy Carpenter and Excess Re – Direct Summary

On October 9, the Connecticut Attorney General (the “CT AG”) filed a Complaint against Guy Carpenter and Excess Reinsurance Inc.  The Complaint is 107 pages long and contains numerous highly-disputed allegations about the structure of the reinsurance markets over the last fifty years as well as hotly contested claims about the activities of the participants in certain reinsurance facilities. 

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Connecticut State Court Rules That Service On Designated Agents For Process Sufficient And Orders Hearing On Amount Of Prepleading Security To Be Posted

On remand for further proceedings from the Connecticut Supreme Court, the Appellate Court of Connecticut recently agreed with plaintiffs Hartford Accident and Indemnity Company and thirteen of its affiliates’ statutory interpretation of Connecticut General Statutes § 38a-27, holding that the plaintiffs are entitled to prepleading security from defendants Ace American Reinsurance Company and various other foreign reinsurance companies. 

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