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Connecticut Act Concerning an Insured’s Right to Choose Auto Repairer

The Connecticut General Assembly’s transportation committee has recently approved Senate Bill 288 (the “Bill”), which prohibits auto insurers from recommending, requesting or requiring policyholders use certain auto repair facilities.  The Bill also prohibits insurers from providing economic advantages to policyholders on the basis that they use certain facilities. 

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Connecticut Supreme Court Rules that “Common Cause” Provision of Reinsurance Treaty Is Ambiguous With Respect to the Aggregation of Claims

In Hartford Accident and Indemnity Co, et al. v. Ace American Reinsurance Co., et al., No. 17625 (Sup. Ct. Conn. Dec. 25, 2007), the Connecticut Supreme Court found a “common cause” provision in a reinsurance treaty to be ambiguous for purposes of whether multiple asbestos claims could be aggregated as a single occurrence, reversing the lower court’s decision granting summary judgment to the defendant reinsurers. 

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Connecticut Proposes to Adopt Military Sales Practices Regulation

Thomas R. Sullivan, Insurance Commissioner of Connecticut, recently published notice of intent to adopt a regulation concerning military sales practices to provide uniform standards through which active duty service members of the United States Armed Forces are protected from dishonest and predatory practices in the sale of individual life insurance and annuity products. 

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Connecticut Federal Court Rules that Certain Communications Between a Cedent and Reinsurer in a Hurricane Katrina-Related Case are Not Protected by the Work-Product Privilege

In a case arising out of Hurricane Katrina-related damages, the United States District Court for the District of Connecticut ruled that communications between a cedent and reinsurer that were prepared in the ordinary course of business are not protected by the work-product privilege. 

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Connecticut AG Files Complaint against Guy Carpenter and Excess Re – Direct Summary

On October 9, the Connecticut Attorney General (the “CT AG”) filed a Complaint against Guy Carpenter and Excess Reinsurance Inc.  The Complaint is 107 pages long and contains numerous highly-disputed allegations about the structure of the reinsurance markets over the last fifty years as well as hotly contested claims about the activities of the participants in certain reinsurance facilities. 

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Connecticut State Court Rules That Service On Designated Agents For Process Sufficient And Orders Hearing On Amount Of Prepleading Security To Be Posted

On remand for further proceedings from the Connecticut Supreme Court, the Appellate Court of Connecticut recently agreed with plaintiffs Hartford Accident and Indemnity Company and thirteen of its affiliates’ statutory interpretation of Connecticut General Statutes § 38a-27, holding that the plaintiffs are entitled to prepleading security from defendants Ace American Reinsurance Company and various other foreign reinsurance companies. 

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