Topic: Insolvency, Restructuring and Run-Off

Third party claims: A decision of the High Court clarifies the law with regard to claims under the Third Party (Rights against Insurers) Act 1930

The case of Law Society v Dixit Shah (2007) EWHC 2841 (Ch) arose from the intervention of the Office for the Supervision of Solicitors into an association of firms owned by Dixit Shah which traded under “the BJ Brandon Group” name. The Law Society alleged that the OSS discovered that around £12.5 million of client money had been misappropriated by Mr Shah. 

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Spitzer, NYLB Announce Proposed Resolution of Projected Shortfall in Executive Life Insurance Company of New York Rehabilitation

Executive Life Insurance Company of New York (ELNY) was placed into rehabilitation in 1991 after affiliated companies became insolvent and concerns about its future solvency arose.  The rehabilitation plan adopted in 1992 involved the transfer of much of ELNY’s business to another carrier; however, ELNY in rehabilitation retained substantial assets and continued payment on certain annuities, with the bulk of the payout going to structured settlement annuitants that had received long-term and/or lifetime annuities as settlements in personal injury lawsuits. 

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New York State Court to Determine Whether Distribution from Insolvent Union Indemnity Estate Should be Permitted

Recently, a New York state court gave the New York Liquidation Bureau (“NYLB”) permission to notify more than 300,000 creditors of Union Indemnity Insurance Company (“Union Indemnity”) that it plans to make the first distribution from the insolvent property casualty insurer’s estate. 

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Massachusetts Insurers Insolvency Fund Not Implicated Until Uninsured Motor Vehicle Coverage Is Exhausted

On July 12, 2007, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court held that, where a vehicle causing an accident is owned by a governmental entity and is insured by an insolvent insurer, the Massachusetts Insurers Insolvency Fund is not obligated to compensate the injured individual unless and until the injured individual’s own uninsured motor vehicle coverage has been exhausted. 

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Florida Insurer’s Removal of Receivership Proceeding to Federal Court Under Review

We are following a unique case pending in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Florida, where Universal Health Care Insurance Company (UHCIC) has attempted to remove to federal court the receivership proceedings commenced in Florida state court by the Florida Department of Financial Services (DFS).  The DFS has moved to remand the matter to state court, briefs have been filed, and the matter awaits a ruling from the court. 

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National Insurance Act/Optional Federal Charter Legislation Reintroduced in Senate

On May 24, 2007, optional federal charter (OFC) legislation was reintroduced into the Senate as the National Insurance Act of 2007 (S. 40) (NIA), co-sponsored by John Sununu (R-NH) and Tim Johnson (D-SD).  A similar bill is expected to be reintroduced into the House by Ed Royce (R-CA) in the coming weeks. 

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