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Connecticut Considering Auto Glass Repair Disclosure Bill

Earlier this week, the Connecticut House passed HB 5072, limiting the abilities of insurance companies or their representatives to “steer” insureds to specific automotive glass repair facilities. The new legislation follows a trend in Connecticut to dissuade insurers from directing insureds to use specific facilities. Connecticut’s existing laws prevent appraisers from requiring that specific locations or companies be used for automotive repairs. 

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Connecticut Continues Efforts to Attract Captives

At Connecticut’s first Captive Insurance Day at the Capitol May 14, 2013, representatives of the Connecticut Insurance Department (the “CID”), the Connecticut Captive Insurance Association, the Department of Economic and Community Development, and the co-chairs of the Connecticut General Assembly’s Insurance and Real Estate Committee emphasized Connecticut’s continuing efforts to attract new captive insurers to the state, including through SB 1093

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Sandy: Déjà Vu?

Seven years ago, Hurricane Katrina made landfall in New Orleans.  In the days that followed Katrina, we and others who focus on questions of insurance coverage debated whether the devastation in Mississippi and Louisiana had been caused by water or by wind.  We discussed slabs, anti-concurrent causation clauses, levees, efficient proximate cause, valued policy laws, and local and national political dynamics. 

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“Sandy” Brings Costs to Homeowners, but not Hurricane Deductibles

In response to the extensive damage suffered throughout the northeastern corridor during October, 2012 as a result of Superstorm Sandy, multiple state insurance agencies are intervening on behalf of homeowners by announcing that they will not be required to pay hurricane deductibles on their insurance policies. 

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Alleged Mutual Fund Kickback Case Allowed to Proceed as Class Action

Financial lines insurers may want to take a closer look at revenue-sharing agreements between pension plan administrators and the mutual funds they offer plan participants as investment options, in the wake of a Connecticut federal court’s decision to certify a class action against ING Life Insurance & Annuity Company. 

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