A bill that would mandate coverage of breast cancer screenings by breast tomosynthesis is currently pending before Connecticut’s General Assembly. HB 5233 would give female insureds over age 35 the option to have their mammograms done by tomosynthesis, which creates a three-dimensional picture of the breast; a traditional mammogram only creates two-dimensional images of the breast. Supporters of the bill argue that the tomosynthesis technology allows for more effective screening and treatment of breast cancer, while opponents of the bill have asserted that breast tomosynthesis is still experimental. In an interesting development, a manufacturer of tomosynthesis technology recently launched a billboard advertising campaign to encourage health insurers to cover tomosynthesis technology. The billboards, which have been placed in various locations in greater Hartford, name specific health insurers and encourage them to begin covering the tomosynthesis screenings. HB 5233 was referred by the House to the Committee on Appropriations on April 8.