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What Every InsurTech Entrepreneur Should Know About Convertible Promissory Notes and SAFE Agreements

You have a strategic plan; You have an MVP; You have a Team; and You have an Investor!

Both you and the Investor believe in the potential of the Entity. What the exact “potential” is, however, still a matter under discussion.

You hope that the Entity will grow quickly and you will need to sell less equity for the cash you need to scale; the Investor wants to maximize its return – including being well compensated for investing early on and providing essential early-stage funding and support.

However, the truth is that you need money NOW!

What to do?

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FTC Proposes Amendments to Safeguards Rule to Track NY DFS Cybersecurity Regulation (and amendments to its Privacy Rule)

As we’ve been predicting, including here, the Cybersecurity Regulation adopted by the NY DFS for insurance, banking and other financial services continues to drive the conversation in the U.S.  The latest manifestation is the FTC proposal, announced March 5, 2019, to amend it Safeguards Rule adopted pursuant to the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act of 1999 (GLBA) to require financial institutions to adopt certain safeguards to protect the nonpublic personal information of consumers.

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Robert Muriel Appointed Director of the Illinois Department of Insurance

Today, Illinois Governor JB Pritzker named Chicago attorney Robert Muriel to serve as Director ‎of the Illinois Department of Insurance, pending confirmation by the Illinois Senate. Muriel is a ‎commercial lawyer with over 20 years of experience in civil and commercial litigation, including ‎insurance coverage and bad faith claims, financial fraud claims, and consumer class actions. ‎

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Running Your Own Insurance Company: Three Options for Renting, Buying or Building the InsurTech Carrier of the Future

Welcome to the final article in our initial introduction to the insurance industry for Insurtechs. Before we pivot next month to focusing on some of the key corporate and financial issues facing Insurtechs, we get to delve into perhaps the biggest step an InsurTech can take – running their own insurance company.

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