While much remains to be decided after a tumultuous Election Night 2020, the five elected Insurance Commissioner positions on the ballot this year appear to have been filled as expected, with four incumbents retaining their positions and the one vacancy on its way to being held by the candidate of the same party as the departing commissioner.

While the vast majority of Insurance Commissioner positions across the country are appointed, twelve are directly elected. Commissioner posts in California, Georgia, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma and the US Virgin Islands were not on the ballot this year.

For the five positions up last night, here are the results as of the morning of November 4th:

Delaware:  Incumbent Commissioner Trinidad Navarro (D) handily defeated his Republican challenger Julia Pillsbury by about a 60/40 margin.

Montana:  Incumbent Commissioner (and State Auditor) Matt Rosendale was elected to Montana’s at-large US House seat. In the race to replace him, Republican Troy Downing held a fifteen point lead and appeared on his way to victory over his Democratic opponent Shane Morigeau.

North Carolina: In perhaps the most hotly-contested race, incumbent Commissioner Mike Causey (R) was leading former Commissioner Wayne Goodwin (D) in a rematch of their razor thin 2016 contest. This time Causey leads by about three-and-a-half points and a 190,000 vote margin.

North Dakota: Incumbent Commissioner Jon Godfread (R) was unopposed.

Washington: Incumbent Commissioner Mike Kreidler (D) was elected to his sixth term, handily defeating his Republican opponent with approximately two-thirds of the vote. Commissioner Kreidler is the longest-serving Commissioner in the country, having held the position since 2001.