All eyes have been focused on the federal mid-term elections and the impact on the U.S. House and Senate. Post-mortems by the pundits have begun. See Locke Lord’s take on the mid-terms. The divided government in Washington, D.C. may well stymie efforts to regulate the insurance industry at the federal level, except in very limited circumstances where bi-partisan accord can be achieved. However, the results of races in a number of states may impact the insurance industry in unexpected ways, as newly elected or appointed insurance commissioners take office, governors are replaced by members of opposing parties, or houses of state legislatures change control.

It is important for all participants and stakeholders in the insurance industry to monitor developments in states important to them. Below is a summary of the impact of the mid-term elections on selected states. This is by no means a comprehensive list. We are carefully watching legislative and regulatory actions in these and other states. We are paying attention in particular to states where results of elections potentially impacting insurance are inconclusive.

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