EAPD’s Mark Meyer and Brian Green are attending the Aviation Insurance Association’s Annual Conference in Vancouver, Canada.  The conference is well-attended and informative.  There were several interesting CIE sessions on Sunday, including a discussion of the criminalization of aviation accidents.  Our speaker explained that the trend is that in Europe and Latin America, investigations into accidents also often included criminal investigations, and sometimes indictments, of the pilots, flight controllers and others who were claimed to be involved in the accident.  Unfortunately, these criminal investigations can hinder the causation investigation that is performed after the accident.

One of the other CIE sessions, co-presented by Mark Meyer, involved a discussion of the London market.  The presenters gave an overview of the London market, including both Lloyd’s and the Company Market.  They discussed underwriting issues as well as claims-related issues such as volcanic ash.

The conference continues through Tuesday and you can contact Mark and Brian at [email protected] and [email protected], respectively.