EAPD’s Mark Meyer and Brian Green are in Vancouver at the Aviation Insurance Association Annual Conference, which continues to be interesting and informative.

One of yesterday’s Keynote Speakers was Randy Finsneth, Vice President of Marketing at Boeing Commercial Airplaines.  He discussed the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, which is Boeing’s newest addition to its commercial fleet, the first of which should be used for commercial flight later this year.  The 787 promises to be more than 20% more fuel-efficent than other planes, as well as significantly quieter.  It also will have larger cabin windows, which can be electronically dimmed to reduce glare but allow passengers to see outside.  The internal pressure of the plane will be the equivalent of 6,000 feet altitude rather than the 8,000 feet on other aircraft, which, according to Mr. Finsneth, will significantly improve passenger comfort.  You can read more about the 787 on Mr. Finsneth’s blog, Randy’s Journal, by clicking here.

Another interesting panel yesterday discussed the risk and safety of helicopter flights.

Later today, the general session hosted by the Attorney and Claims Divisions will take place.  One of the items they will discuss is the AIA’s Alternative Dispute Resolution Service.

The conference ends later this morning.  Next year’s Annual Conference will take place in Miami in early May.

You can contact Mark and Brian at [email protected] and [email protected], respectively.