In conjunction with the Locke Lord COVID-19 task force, we are reviewing, analyzing, and compiling regulatory updates to provide clients easy access to information during this unprecedented time.  If you have any questions on the subject matter below, do not hesitate to reach out.  The information below relates to state and federal bulletins, emergency orders, pending/enacted legislation, and other related actions taken in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

All Lines of Insurance

Illinois:  On May 22, the Illinois legislature passed HB 2455, which pertains to workers compensation COVID-19 presumption legislation.

Illinois:  On May 23, the Illinois legislature passed SB 2135, the business interruption insurance task force bill (SB 2135).  The Bill, among other things, establishes a task force on business interruption insurance policies.

Maryland:  On May 22, the Chief Judge of the Maryland Court of Appeals issued an Administrative Order announcing the progressive resumption of full function of judiciary operations previously restricted due to COVID-19.  According to the Order, beginning June 5, there will be a progressive, phased return to full operations by the courts in the Maryland Judiciary, court offices, administrative offices, units of the Judiciary, the Offices of the Clerks of the Circuit Courts, and the clerks’ offices of the District Court, which have been restricted to emergency operations and closed to the public with limited exceptions.

Maryland:  On May 22, the Chief Judge of the Maryland Court of Appeals issued an Administrative Order stating that all statutory and rules deadlines related to the initiation of matters required to be filed in a Maryland state trial or appellate court, including statutes of limitations, were tolled or suspended effective March 16, 2020, and remain tolled or suspended by the number of days that the courts were closed to the public due to the COVID-19 emergency.  Additionally, with the offices of the clerks of courts to be reopened to the public on July 20, 2020, the filing deadlines to initiate matters are extended by an additional 15 days.

Utah:  On May 27,  Commissioner Kiser issued Order 2020-3 Amended Order Eliminating Application Process for Issuing a Temporary Resident Individual Producer License

Property and Casualty Insurance

Oregon:  On May 22, the Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services/Division of Financial Regulation (DFR) issued the Property and Casualty Order extending the previous order that directed all insurers transacting insurance in Oregon to extend deadlines for reporting claims, institute grace periods for premium payment, suspend all cancellations and non-renewals, and provide other specified relief to Oregon insureds. The Order provides that only one 60-day grace period need be extended and that insurers can cancel for non-payment any policy that has completed the grace period, assuming the insured has not paid the required premium.  The Order became effective May 24, and will be in force through June 22.  The Order is directed to all insurers that provide any type of P&C insurance coverage in Oregon.  The Order applies to all P&C insurance policies issued or delivered in Oregon.

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