Edwards Wildman hosted a roundtable at the 2013 NAIC Fall National Meeting in Washington, DC with Richard Schlesinger, Chief of Reinsurance and Surplus Lines, from the New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance for a discussion about the New Jersey Reinsurance Certification Program.  New Jersey  amended their credit for reinsurance statutes effective September 2012 to provide for certified reinsurer status for purposes of insurers taking a credit, as an asset or a deduction from liability.  A certified reinsurer is permitted to post less than 100% collateral, depending on the financial strength rating granted by the New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance, and still enable an authorized insurer to qualify for full reserve credit.  As part of the discussion, Mr. Schlesinger described the application process for certified reinsurer status and the Department’s review of qualified jurisdictions as part of that process.  Information on becoming a certified reinsurer can be found by clicking here.