On March 16th, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio issued Emergency Executive Order No. 100 (the “Order”), imposing restrictions on gatherings ‎and businesses during the COVID-19 State of Emergency.  The Order, amongst other things, ordered the temporary closure of ‎all entertainment venues, commercial gyms, and adult congregate centers‎‎.  The Order also limits restaurants, bars and cafes to take-out and delivery orders only.

The Order states, “…all establishments — including restaurants, bars, cafes – that offer ‎food or drink shall close until further notice…[t]o ‎ensure sufficient access to food and/or drink, establishments serving food and/or drink ‎‎(including restaurants, bars, and cafes) may remain open for the sole purpose of providing take-‎out or delivery service, provided the establishments do not exceed fifty percent of their ‎occupancy or seating capacity while persons are waiting for take-out and that such persons ‎follow social distancing protocols.”

Additionally, “all entertainment venues, including those with seating capacity ‎below 500, are hereby closed…[e]ntertainment ‎venues shall include, but not be limited to movie theaters, clubs, cinemas, theatres and concert ‎venues,” and “all commercial gyms are closed….”‎

The Order was effective as of March 16th and will remain in effect for five days, if not modified or terminated prior to.

The Order also provides for the following (please refer to the Order for the complete list):

  • Suspension of City Council procedural requirements such as monthly meetings, hearings, and submission of recommendations and findings;
  • Suspension of certain laws and rules related to the Uniform Land Use Review Procedure;‎
  • Cancellation or postponement of elective health procedures;
  • Suspension of rules related to procurement to extent necessary for New York City to procure necessary goods, services and construction;
  • Cancellation of the special election to be held on March 24, 2020 to fill the vacancy in the Office of ‎Borough President of Queens and elect a Borough President‎; and
  • Suspension of rules that prevent the Department of Correction from engaging in emergency response measures in ‎relation to the person-to-person transmission of COVID-19.‎

Locke Lord continues to monitor these developments.

The complete Order can be viewed here.

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