The New York Times is reporting on a January 8, 2010, letter from NAMIC to the NAIC responding to the request by the Climate Change and Global Warming Task force for comments on issues concerning the proposed Insurer Climate Risk Disclosure Survey.  A copy of the article and letter can be found here.

The letter remarks on the recent unauthorized release of e-mails containing correspondence between climate change research scientists, which revealed issues concerning the science behind the conclusions about global warming.  The letter states that the release of the e-mails, “makes clear that insurers, regulators, and anyone else with a serious interest in climate change cannot afford the luxury of simply assuming that the ‘reports and studies’ [. . .] present an accurate and unbiased picture of what is known about climate change.”  The NAMIC letter also states that “because serious questions have been raised about the integrity of contemporary climate science, it would be exceedingly risky for any insurance company to make important business decisions based on an uncritical acceptance of the dominant scientific paradigm on climate change.”