Lloyd’s recently issued a press release that it has begun offering a new type of cover – an event cancellation policy that will indemnify insureds for their losses if Christmas is cancelled, postponed, interrupted, curtailed or relocated due to the Grinch’s actions.  The policy reportedly also covers additional costs or charges that the insured would pay to try to avoid or diminish the loss.
Danny Burns, an underwriter at Talbot Syndicate, is quoted as stating:
            For too many years this peril’s been real;
            The Grinch has been scheming and plotting to steal, 
            It’s not just the Whos that need to prepare;
            This Grinch risk should give all families a scare.
            Millions of good little girls and boys;
            Could lose their whole Christmas and all of their toys.
Lloyd’s advised that in order to submit a claim under this cover, an insured must demonstrate that nothing was left on Christmas morning other than hooks and wires.  A claim will be rejected if there was one speck of food left in the house, unless the crumb of food was too small for a mouse.
Mr. Burns succinctly stated the reason why people should look to Lloyd’s for this cover:

            Why should families have their whole holiday spoiled;
            When we here at Lloyd’s can have that Grinch foiled.


InsureReinsure.com is unaware whether any claims have been filed under this policy.


Click here to read Lloyd’s press release about this new type of insurance cover.