Last month the members of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (“NAIC”) elected new leadership from amongst their membership for 2023. Missouri Director Chlora Lindley-Meyers is the new President and the first woman of color elected to that position. Connecticut Commissioner Andrew N. Mais is the new President-Elect, which means that he will fill in as President whenever, due to exigent circumstances, Director Lindley-Meyers is unable. As President-Elect, Commissioner Mais will be the presumptive NAIC President in 2024. North Dakota Commissioner Jon Godfread was elected Vice-President while Virginia Commissioner Scott A. White was elected Secretary-Treasurer.

Earlier this month, the NAIC named its committee chairs and vice chairs. The officers and the most recent past president all serve on the Executive Committee while Director Lindley-Myers will chair the Executive Committee as NAIC President. While the Executive Committee handles administration of the NAIC, the letter committees are where the bulk of the substantive law-making work of the NAIC occurs. As a result, the chairs and vice-chairs of these committees wield substantial influence. The new letter committee leadership are as follows:

  • Life Insurance & Annuities (A) Committee

Chair: Judith L. French, Ohio
Vice Chair: Carter Lawrence, Tennessee

  • Health Insurance & Managed Care (B) Committee

Chair: Anita G. Fox, Michigan
Co-Vice Chairs: John Pike, Utah, and Mike Kreidler, Washington

  • Property & Casualty Insurance (C) Committee

Chair: Alan McClain, Arkansas
Co-Vice Chairs: Grace Arnold, Minnesota, and Larry D. Deiter, South Dakota

  • Market Regulation & Consumer Affairs (D) Committee

Chair: John Pike, Utah
Co-Vice Chairs: Mike Causey, North Carolina, and Michael Humphreys, Pennsylvania

  • Financial Condition (E) Committee

Chair: Elizabeth Kelleher Dwyer, Rhode Island
Vice Chair: Nathan Houdek, Wisconsin

  • Financial Regulation Standards & Accreditation (F) Committee

Chair: Lori K. Wing-Heier, Alaska
Co-Vice Chairs: Vicki Schmidt, Kansas, and Sharon P. Clark, Kentucky

  • International Insurance Relations (G) Committee

Chair: Gary Anderson, Massachusetts
Vice Chair: Eric Dunning, Nebraska

  • Innovation, Cybersecurity, and Technology (H) Committee

Chair: Kathleen A. Birrane, Maryland
Co-Vice Chairs: Michael Conway, Colorado, and Doug Ommen, Iowa

NAIC officers may not serve as chairs or vice chairs of letter committees nor may a letter committee chair serve as chair of another committee. However, a chair of a letter committee may serve as vice-chair of another committee. There are provisions within the NAIC bylaws mandating geographic diversity and thus limiting geographic concentration in all NAIC leadership positions.